Uses VoIP technology to provide a telephone service over your wired or wireless broadband internet connection.

Geographic Numbers

Geographic phone number

A geographic phone number is a fixed-line telephone number beginning with a geographically assigned area code (i.e. 012 for Pretoria, 021 for Cape Town, etc).

Number Porting

Keep an existing phone number

Do you want to keep your existing business number? No problem! We can migrate (port) your existing geographic phone number from your old provider to our network.

087 Numbers

Non-geographic phone number

non-geographic telephone numbers (087 numbers) are regarded as ‘national’ numbers .

Basic PBX

SIP Trunks PBX for Your Global Business Telephony Needs

SIP Trunks
Call Forwarding
Call Detail Records (CDR
Not Disturb

Business PBX

Basic PBX features +
Digital Receptionist (IVR)
Music on Hold
Time Conditions
Pin Numbers
Voicemail to Email
Ring Groups

Call Centre PBX

Business PBX features +
Call Centre Agents
Click to Call
Call Queuing
Call Broadcast
Web Fax Machine
Queue Reporting
Operator Panel

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