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SARS Tax Clearance Pin

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“The issuing of the printed Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) was stopped from 2 November 2019. Since the new Tax Compliance Status (TCS) system in 2015, we advised that the printed TCC will be stopped at a future date.  All TCCs currently in circulation will be cancelled. The TCS PIN enables you to authorise any third party (an organisation or government) to view your status online via eFiling. It will present your overall tax compliance status at the date and time of viewing it. To protect taxpayer confidentiality, no other info will be accessible to a third party.” – SARS

Tax clearance Pin Certificate is a document issued by SARS that confirm that your tax affairs are all in order with the SARS  is valid for 1 year from date of issue.


“Top Tip: The Tender option no longer exist, and taxpayers must make use of the Good Standing application as it fulfils the same purpose. The Approval International Transfer option is a dynamic application that caters for SA residents transferring funds abroad as well as for those taxpayers who Ceased Tax Residency for non-residents purposes.” – SARS

When To Submit Your Company  Return

In South Africa, companies are required to submit their annual returns within 30 business days from the anniversary date of their incorporation or registration. This means that if a company was registered on 1st January, for example, their annual return would be due 30 business days from that date in the following year.

It’s important to note that failure to submit annual returns on time can result in penalties and other consequences, including deregistration. Therefore, it’s recommended that companies keep track of their annual return due date and submit their returns well before the deadline to avoid any issues


A Tax Clearance Certificate is needed when you need to prove that you are a taxpayer. A TCC may be required for any of the following reasons:

  • Tenders or Bid Applications
  • Good Standing – proving that the applicant is tax compliant
  • Foreign Investment Allowance (FIA)
  • Emigration.

SARS (South African Revenue Service) requires all companies to file annual returns, including SARS annual returns for companies, within a specific period. This process is mandatory for all registered businesses, whether they are profitable or not. The annual returns provide valuable information about a company’s financial activities, including income, expenses, and taxes paid.

If you are a business owner in South Africa, it is essential to be aware of the SARS certification process. SARS, or the South African Revenue Service, is responsible for collecting income tax and verifying tax returns. As a business owner, you will need to obtain a tax clearance certificate or PIN to ensure that you are compliant with the regulations.

The tax clearance certificate is a document that indicates that your business is up to date with its income tax returns and payments. It is required when applying for tenders or contracts with government institutions or when applying for a liquor license.

To obtain your tax clearance certificate, you will need to submit your company’s annual returns to SARS. This process involves submitting information about your business’s financial transactions, including income, expenses, and profits. SARS will then verify the information to ensure that it is accurate and complete.

Once SARS has verified your information, they will issue you with a tax clearance certificate. This certificate will be valid for one year from the date of issue. It is essential to keep your tax clearance certificate up to date, as it may be required when dealing with government institutions, suppliers, or customers.

Obtaining a tax clearance certificate is an important step for any business owner in South Africa. It ensures that your business is compliant with SARS regulations and is up to date with its income tax returns and payments. Make sure that you submit your annual returns to SARS and keep your tax clearance certificate up to date to avoid any delays or complications in your business operations.

  • 21 April 2023 – The new enhanced Tax Compliance Status (TCS) application form
    The new enhanced Tax Compliance Status (TCS) application form has been introduced to facilitate the consolidation of Foreign Investment Allowance (FIA) and Emigration applications into a single application, “Approval International Transfer”. In addition, the Tender option was removed and the Good Standing Tax Compliance Status (TCS) must be used for all other scenarios where a 3rd party wants to verify a taxpayer’s Tax Compliance Status. – SARS
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SARS Tax Clearance Pin
SARS Tax Clearance Pin
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