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We know you are busy but We wanted to share some news with you today – we’ve been approved for the Partner Program! If you’ve never heard of, it’s a live chat app used by over 3.2 million business users over the world. We have used it and can vouch for its efficacy. 

Our business was built to evolve, and we are always on the lookout for authentic, innovative ways to grow. With over 1.5 billion other websites out there, we are grateful when someone chooses to land on our patch of the internet, and realise the importance of making each interaction count. has been instrumental in helping us to achieve this.

What exactly does do, you ask? is a messaging app to help turn interactions into lasting relationships. is the most widely used live chat app on the planet, and allows you to be there when your customer need you most by monitoring your visits and engaging with your customers up to 24/7. And, if you can’t be there, provides support with their team of experienced Hired Agents for as little as $1 per hour. They also  offer dedicated Virtual Assistants to assist you with those repetitive, mundane tasks, allowing you to focus your energy on on your business, rather than in your business; saving you time and money.

Yet what we love most about is their ethos – they offer their software for free because they want to help businesses of all sizes engage with their customers. In a crowded online world, and with 73% of consumers determining brand loyalties based on good customer experience, connection is increasingly important. 

Our business is also built on customer satisfaction, and it is for this reason we are so excited to partner with a business that truly believes in driving growth through connection.

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