Rated Original

Payment Policy

Last Updated: 27/03/2021

From 03/05/2020 – 23/03/2021


The use of services provided by Rated Original (Pty) Ltd on ratedoriginal.co.za (after this referred to as “Rated Original”) constitutes agreement to the following Terms and Conditions.

Delivery of Services

 Immediately upon successful payment you will receive an automated receipt from our systems. Please print and retain a copy of this and retain in a safe place for future reference.

Your unique email will be on this receipt and should be used for any enquires to Rated Original.

Please note that we aim to deliver as soon as the signup is complete. If we will be unable to adhere to this you will be informed via email or telephone or both. Payment will be deducted when services are delivered.

All orders are delivered electronically via email, If you have any questions about your order please contact us at [email protected]

Rated Original aims to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

Refund Policy

All services rendered by Rated Original are non-refundable. This includes, but is not limited to: setup fees, one time fees, monthly service fees, upgrade fees, additional service fees, administrative fees, and late fees. Customer agrees not to chargeback or dispute any credit card or PayPal payments for services rendered. A chargeback or dispute of payment for services rendered will result in an additional charge of R150 and will be subject to collection by an authorised collection agency. Disputes or chargebacks will result in immediate service termination. Customer is responsible for any fees and costs (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs and collection agency fees) incurred in enforcing collection.

Any funds sent to Rated Original which are in excess of the amount owed can only be reimbursed in credit and cannot be refunded.

Delivery of Services


 Invoices for renewal of a service is generated 14 days prior to the end of current term and is due on the date mentioned as the due date on the invoice.

If you provide us with a credit card to pay the Fees, we will attempt to charge your card no sooner than 2 days prior to the Due Date. It is your obligation to ensure that your credit card may be charged. We have no responsibility to provide the Services, or preserve data, if your credit card is declined for any reason.

Once an invoice is overdue, i.e past it’s due date a late fee of 10% but no lesser than R10 will be applied to the invoice.

Service associated to an overdue invoice will be suspended after a period of 3 days and terminated and all data removed after 60 days if the invoice continues to remain unpaid. Multiple reminders will be sent by Rated Original before suspending or terminating a service.

If an invoice is paid after the service has been terminated a reactivation fee of R150 will apply provided Rated Original is able to restore all of your data.

If multiple invoices are overdue in an account, all services in the given account or other accounts linked to this account may be affected.

 An additional waiting period of up to 48 hours may be imposed in the case of multiple payment bounces.

Cancelling An Order Before Dispatch

If you change your mind after placing an order, you can cancel it or, where it consists of a number of Services, any part of an order, any time before we despatch. No charges will be incurred. Please Contact us and give us your name, address and order number to cancel your order.

Credit Card Safeguard

At ratedoriginal.com we don’t just stand behind our merchandise, we also do our best to provide a safe and convenient online shopping experience.When you “check out”, your payment details are transferred via a secure server, utilizing 128-bit, industry standard, encryption technologies to ensure that your credit card information is protected during a transaction.

You should look for the locked padlock or unbroken key icon at the bottom right of your browser screen, and also note that the page address during payment begins https, instead of the normal http. These indicate that you are connected to a secure site.

To help prevent fraud, we may contact the cardholder to validate any order value greater than R5000 limit which we change from time-to-time.

Remember: If unauthorized use of your credit or debit card does occur, you must notify your card provider, in accordance with the agreement you have with the company.