Firstly, SARS returns got nothing to do with CIPC Returns both ways applies Which mean you need to file SARS returns and as well as CIPC Returns when is due.
“A CIPC annual return is a summary of the most up to date information of a company and is filed with CIPC. A SARS tax return focuses on the taxable income of a company in order to determine its tax liability and is filed with SARS. It’s two different processes, with different requirements, handled by two different government departments.” –  Written by Bo Bissict

SARS Returns

Every registered Taxpayer is required by law to file or submit returns to SARS via e-filling or SARS Branch so that the South African Revenue Service (SARS) can be able to calculate their tax liability based on the income you as the taxpayer declare and the tax-deductible expensed they incurred for each year of assessment.

CIPC Annual Returns

“All companies and close corporations are required by law to file their annual returns with CIPC within a certain period of time each year. CIPC uses this information to ensure that it is in possession of the latest information of the company or close corporation and to determine whether the company or close corporation is conducting business activities.” –

CIPC Annual returns has nothing to do with SARS returns, Since you are required to file in each and every assessment year if you don’t file your tax returns your registered company will be non-compliant which mean you are not allowed to do business by law for that moment until you file your returns, On the other hands when it comes to CIPC  returns, You are required to file every financial year-end when you don’t file your company become non-compliant as well and if you don’t file for the period of three years that’s when your company will be deregistered but that won’t happen immediately but, it can happen anytime so it is wise to make sure always your company is compliant with any regulation that is required for the type of your business.

Is CIPC and SARS linked?

“The interface between SARS & CIPC uses the Connect Direct technology to ensure security, resilience and manage the completeness and accuracy of any data transmission. There is no automated process to deregister clients at SARS who have been deregistered at the CIPC.”